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Pacific Xray Imaging

GenX Series X-ray Systems

80kV, 90kV, 130kV

GenX-90 x-ray system

  • 80kV, 90kV, 130kV X-ray
  • X-ray and Detector Field Upgradable
  • High Mag (up to 1100X)
  • Large Board Size (15.5" x 21")
  • Small Machine Footprint
  • Manual or Motorized control
  • Best Prices in the Industry
  • Adjustable keyboard/monitor

The new GenX series x-ray inspection systems come in three model choices (80, 90, and 130) corresponding to the x-ray power level and can be configured with various detectors to provide a wide range of high resolution imaging options that cater to different industry application needs from identifying solder joint opens, cold solder, and head-in-pillow defects, to internal semiconductor component verification of bond wire attachments and die inspection. Combined with the PXi-Pro imaging analysis software, the GenX series systems provide a complete solution to a broad range of x-ray inspection requirements to industry companies worldwide.

Bond Wire wedge bond




Bond Wire Die Attach


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